Meet Nichole

Nichole is many things, mostly humble, always caffeinated, and a huge Harry Potter head.

Born in Ecuador and raised in New York, Nichole is nothing short of a spicy Latina doing her thing. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Public Health and is currently pursuing a Master's in Business Administration, all while working a full-time job and juggling motherhood as a single parent.

Viva la Nicky Blog was born in the summer of 2014. What started out a creative outlet during a difficult time in her life, Viva la Nicky Blog grew into something Nichole could have never imagined, a lifestyle. With a passion for beauty and wellness, Nichole has worked with well-known brands on various advertising campaigns across her socials for many years.

Today, Nichole works as a case manager, advocating mental health awareness in New York. She also continues to freelance content while she searches for the next big holy grails in beauty. Nichole shares her life as a mother, student, content creator, curious soul, and chocolate addict. 

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