Are You Still There?

Two thousand seventeen was definitely a slow content year all across the VIVA LA NICKY social networking sites and though I realize that I'm probably speaking to about two readers right now I am not sorry.
I am not sorry because two thousand seventeen was an amazing year for me. For all the time I was "away" from social media, I was whole-heartedly enjoying real life. I was reborn in 2017. I watched my daughter grow another year older, another year sassier. I accomplished goals. I made my family proud. I traveled. I read some fascinating books on dark magic and even dabbled in half ass brujeria. I tried new foods. I chanted my heart out. I laughed. I fell in love with life but most importantly I found myself.
I am not sorry for taking time to love myself and enjoy all that life has to offer. In 2017, I realized that not every little (or big) thing has to be published on social media to be acknowledged -- sometimes things are a little sweeter and a little brighter when they are cherished and celebrated in private.
BUT please, don't get me wrong! Logging on to my analytics sites and seeing how I lost over 2000 followers on Instagram and how my page views completely plummeted last year was definitely a wakeup call. I love my social media family, I am so grateful for every single person who has inspired and supported me. I am honored to have met affluent influencers and grateful to have had the pleasure to work with amazing brands.

I love doing this and I will never stop, I might take some breaks here and there but this is something that I really enjoy doing. I love sharing my life experiences because I know that I myself look for guidance in other people. I also really enjoy testing out dope product and gadgets for your entertainment. So if you're still there, thank you from the bottom of my heart -- I promise that in 2018 I will strive to find that happy medium.


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