Atomic Blonde and HERSTYLER Straight Brush Pro

For as long as I can remember, my hair and I have this love-hate relationship. On most day's my hair is fine, manageable, bouncy and full of volume. Other day's, miserable humid days, I contemplate going 2007 Britney and shaving it all off because of how frizzy it gets! I came across the HERSTYLER Straight Brush Pro on Instagram when a fellow blogger friend reviewed it. She gave it an amazing review and since we have similar hair types I was down to try it.

ShoppingLinks were gracious enough to send the Straight Brush over in early August for me to try. The brush came in a sleek box, plus the team added two extra goodies (Heat Protective Straightening Cream and the Argan Oil Hair Serum).

First impressions are everything and this straight brush did not disappoint, sleek black, very sturdy with ceramic bristles. Best of all it heats up fast (285º-430ºF), I made the mistake of testing it out with my bare hand and ended up burning myself so definitely be very careful when handling!
The way I love to use the herstyler brush is by sectioning my hair and brushing it from underneath first instead of on top, this helps keep volume while still straightening it. Also I found that if I twist the brush at the ends I get this wavy effect that you would normally get with thick curling irons.

My hair is pretty thick so I'm not the type of girl to pick up a ceramic straightener, especially since I enjoy my volume. This is the perfect tool if you're like me, someone who doesn't want the frizz but also doesn't want sleek straight hair.


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