SoJo Spa Club, SURPRISE!

They say that you always meet people when you need them the most. Nelly and I were co-workers for about a year before we really became friends. One random day we decided to hang out outside of work and since that day life has changed. Nelly is the friend who I tell everything to, the good, the bad, the ugly. She lifts me when I'm down and is ready and willing to kick ass on my behalf.
So it's been about two weeks since my birthday and I just had to share the best birthday surprise I've ever received thanks to my best friend. Nelly planned a secret outing to Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater, New Jersey. We went as a big group consisting of friends and of course the other birthday girl and third part of our loca trio Carla. 
Sojo Spa Club is truly a mini-getaway just an hour away from New York City. From the moment we walked in we all new that it was going to be an amazing time. Admission into the club is pretty reasonable on weekdays for adults it's $55 and on weekends it's $65. Children can also get in on the fun for $45. 

Sojo Spa Club is full of amenities from outdoor pools, saunas, therapy rooms, relaxation lounges and of course a bath house with an amazing vanity room. 

Our first stop was the rooftop infinity pool where we could over look across the Hudson River to New York City, it was truly breathtaking watching the sunset. We also hit the hydrotherapy pool which was probably our favorite because of the massaging jets!

The baths were also a big hit with us, three in total and each special in their own way. Here, Nelly and I were relaxing and taking #selfies in the Silk Bath -- the hottest of all the baths but the most relaxing.
Inside, on a different floor there are also a bunch of saunas for every taste. My two favorite were the Ice Sauna and the Charcoal Sauna. You can feel the impurities lifting from the body. At one point our group was trying to do hot yoga in the Charcoal Sauna, it was pretty funny! No pictures were taken because the heat in the saunas were really high and phones/cameras were not allowed.

Overall the trip was amazing and I'm extremely grateful to my best friend for planning such a special day for all of  us! If you're in the New York or New Jersey area you have to pay Sojo Spa Club a visit, enjoy a day to yourself with your closest friends/family. We were there for a total of 5-6 hours and we still didn't get to experience everything the club had to offer. We are definitely going back for seconds!


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