Monthly boxes, we all get the we all love them. In today's time we can get anything delivered to us, small little gifts every month. From beauty, fashion, jewelry, food to even monthly boxes for our furry four legged friends. So why not get a monthly "lady" box?
That's right ladies, today we are talking periods. We all get them, I don't know about you but my time of the month is dreaded ever since I had my tiny human. Every month felt like I couldn't get it together with my supplies, running around last minute trying to get the best deals -- thanks to that #pinktax (Yeah, government I'm #salty about it!).
Anyways, back in January you may recall an unboxing I did on my Instastories complimentary on behalf of a fun loving company called Monthly Gift and ever since then I personally signed up to receive boxes every month -- which I pay for out of my own money. So of course why not share the wealth of knowledge!

Monthly Gift is a femme care company based in New York designed to make our time of the month a little less stressful. Joining is super easy all you have to do is sign up, personalize your period profile (how your fairy flow usually acts), select your match and check out.
Every month you receive a "monthly gift" jam packed with all your essentials from pads, to liners and of course tampons plus they add a special little emergency chocolate for those period cravings! Also, the company recently developed an app that can help you track you menstrual cycle, set reminders to take your birth control and even to log your experience to better understand your body. How awesome is that!
Price wise, Monthly Gift is super affordable when compared to what we pay at the drugstore or even whole sale stores like Cosco or BJ's. You have two options, option one is to pay a full 12 month membership right there on the spot for $120 making each box $10/mo. If commitment isn't your thing, then opt for option two which is to pay month to month at $13 giving you the liberty to end your membership whenever you choose. 

Now let's talk a little about the quality of products, simply put I am super picky about what goes around my lady parts and these products have not disappointed. A+ quality panty liners and pads, and the tampons are super resilient -- no leaks. If you're a busy girl like me, running around all day with no time to waste on femme trips to the drugstore then I strongly recommend Monthly Gift!


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