Guess whose back.

Back again, Nicky's back -- TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 
Well hello internet family, it has been months since I've been around this neck of the woods. Well I'm back and #VIVALANICKY got a rad new face lift. NEW BLOG, who dis?
If you follow me on instagram (your main source to all things Nicky) then you probably have been following along these past four months but for those who don't (special sorry to all my PR people!) I just wanted to give you guys a quick little re-cap on what the heck I've been up to.
I've definitely been working on my New Year's resolutions a whole lot, if you can't already tell ya girl Nicky finally graduated from college with a bachelors in science in Public Health *pause for applause* (and if anyone's looking to give me a real life job this is YOUR opportunity!). This has been my greatest achievement academically as of yet.

As you probably know, I have a four year old daughter. Yes I had her right out of high school, yes most people told me I would probably never finish college, HECK YES I proved them all wrong. Having a tiny human was definitely something I didn't plan on having while at college but hey life happens #amiright? She has been my drive, my motivation, and my inspiration to become the best person I can possibly be. With love and unimaginable help from family I was actually able to cross that stage and receive my diploma hand in hand with my daughter on May 21, 2017. 

I've also been traveling a little! That's right, crossing that #NEWYEARSRESOLUTION list off one by one. I went to Florida for a couple of days back in February, and then at the end of March I took the most amazing road trip from Florida to New York, with the handsome boo.
Our favorite town was definitely Savannah in Georgia. We spent a whole day exploring this beautiful town. The weather was absolute perfection and the town was gorgeous. At first we were completely lost on what to look for, well I was, but we found our way to some hidden gems near the water.

We also visited the nation's capital, we really wanted to take that close up picture next to the White House gates but clearly we were not welcomed. Apparently people are rioting over this new tyrant, I mean president. For the remaining of this day we strolled through the beautiful gardens and enjoyed all the beautiful monuments. 

Lastly, my weekends have been filling up with family time, movies, carnivals and of course my newest favorite passtime -- the New York City Football Club

That's all for now, I have about four months worth of PR to go through so let's get to this grind! Happy Tuesday.


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