Happy New Year, a look back & some 2017 goals.

The happiest of new years too everyone! It's been a hot second since I've been here. December is usually the busiest month of the year for me, with school, work and the holidays. I can't believe 2016 is finally over! How crazy was last year?! 
For me, 2016 was the most challenging year of my life. My husband, and father of my child, finally called it quits after almost 7 years of being together. I won't get into the details about it too much, as they are private but I realized enough was enough. I didn't want to hurt or be hurt anymore so with all the grieve in the world we both let go. It was hard, and at the time I thought that I would never recover -- I mean this was once the person I went to for everything, he was my best friend, lover, muse, basically my whole entire world, I loved him for everything he was. We even created a perfect little human together, but some things are just never meant to be.
It's true what they say, that when a relationship ends it feels like a "death". For months I grieved the death of my first love, and then one day it didn't hurt to see him anymore. You see, we share a child and all in all he is a great father, so we're stuck in each other's lives forever but seeing him now doesn't hurt. We put each other through hell and back, but in the end I hope for nothing but good things for him because that my child's father. The point is that life goes on, no matter what happens you just have to grieve take a minute and then just get back up.
For a long time (longer than just 2016) I lost part of who I was. There were many factors that led me to change, there were times when I didn't even recognize the person staring back at me in mirror. I struggled loving myself and deep down I knew I wasn't okay. I lost interest in things I loved doing, waking up everyday felt like a struggle and I had to change that not only for myself but for the little person looking up at me. One day I was just tired of myself and I changed my perspective on life, literally cold turkey. I pushed myself to do things like go to the gym, going out to hike, exploring random places and I think all these things plus the love and support of my family helped me get out of that dark hole I was in. 
  • I can feel that 2017 will be an amazing year, and boy do I have high hopes and goals! I will hopefully (fingers crossed) be throwing my cap in the air, making Camila a proud daughter of a college graduate. It's been a struggle let me tell you, but with so much help and support I can almost say "I made it!" 
  • I also hope to travel as much as I can this year, with my tiny human. My parents always took me in their travels and I was so fortunate to visit so many amazing places and I wish to give my daughter the same experiences. I wish to add some culture and sazón in her so she'll be a productive human being when she's older.
  • I hope to be able to visit my family back in Ecuador, it's been years since I've seen my grandparents and they have to meet their first great-grandchild. I miss my family, the food, the music, the dance, la plaza de los hippies (where I use to get all my body jewelry haha) and just my beautiful country.
  • I hope to continue to have all the support from my readers, this year you guys have been amazing. Blogging and social media wise I've grown so much, much more than I grew in the first two years. I hope to continue to be doing this, it's an honor to be able to have my voice heard by many of you and in so many different countries! I love my job here on the internet and you guys make it possible, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hopefully we can make this a career someday!

This year will be amazing, we have the power to make it whatever we want all we have to do is go for it!


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