The Lazy Girl's Ultimate Eye Duo

Let's get real for a quick second, I love makeup but on most mornings I don't have the time or the energy to go full-on Kardashian — you know? I'm a single mom so mornings are pretty hectic around here! Not only am I trying to get my stuff together for work or class but I'm also getting my little one ready for her day but all that doesn't stop me from throwing on a little effortless glam! These past few weeks I've really been enjoying this eye duo that makes it look like I really tried when in fact I probably did it in the parking lot in my car (shh!).
First up, my signature winged liner. This baby can make you go from "blah" to "God damn ma where you been all my life?!" Haha! I honestly can't remember when exactly I started winging my liner but I am so glad I did, I love how it elongates the eyes and makes them look super sassy. My favorite liner to use is the STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. This liner is the bomb! It has a precise felt tip for that knife sharp wing, and it is so easy to use plus it's waterproof! This liner goes on smooth and doesn't budge throughout the day - trust me, I have "oily" eyelids and this liner stays on all day/night. 
Next, lashes that go on for miles with Superhero by IT Cosmetics. I've been loving this mascara all summer long and now even for the fall. With so many mascaras in the beauty community, I don't think this one gets praised as much as it should. My favorite part is that even though it's not waterproof it stays on and doesn't run at all, seriously guys this mascara is worth the $24. It gives you everything a mascara should, length, volume and durability!
These are my power duo for the days where I'm rushing out the door... which are pretty much all days! Even though this is a "laid back or lazy" eye makeup routine it makes all the difference in the world for me. You can pair this with any type of lip to complete your look and ta-da off you go to conquer the day!


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