Bare Fruit Sugaring and Brow Studio

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When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair on the body, shaving and waxing are probably the first two treatments that come to mind. Both equally tedious to maintain, but much less expensive than laser hair removal. What if I told you there was a sweeter way to remove unwanted body hair... literally!
This year (around May) I discovered a little thing called 'sugaring' or sugar waxing, which is actually a pretty ancient hair removal practice. I was super intrigued learning all about it, especially how it's suppose to be less painful than traditional hard waxing and that its suppose to last longer so I was all for it! Also, the paste that is used, is made from completely natural ingredients (sugar, lemon and water) which is always a major plus in my book!
Back in May I found this awesome beauty studio in Westbury NY, Bare Fruit Sugaring & Brow Studio, that offered the exact hair removal change that I was looking for and so much more! I met Shari, owner, amazing sugarista, and brow expert on my first visit. She was sweet, totally relatable, fun and easy to talk to... I immediately loved her. 
For my first visit I went for the jugualr, a full brazilian sugaring session, which basically meant that my lady parts were all out in the open in front of a complete stranger. For most, this would be completely embarrassing but Shari is a complete professional and made it really comfortable to be there. I go every 6-8 weeks to maintain my body free from hair and have nothing but love for this place! Two days ago I had my sugaring session and I had the pleasure of meeting Daniella, another expert sugarista, who is equally as nice and gentle as Shari! 
I was completely blown away at how quick and less painful sugaring was compared to the other waxing! I still get nervous before my appointment but when its done I'm like "Aw wow that was quick!" You don't understand, prior to sugaring I had been getting waxed for years and I never "got use to the pain," it always hurt me as if it were the first time but with sugaring it honestly wasn't that bad. Of course you feel a little discomfort, since someone is literally yanking hair out, but with the swift technique of these expert sugaristas it is completely bearable. I have to say that my hair has been growing in less coarse and it's been getting even less painful by the visit. 
If you're considering sugaring as an alternative hair removal treatment and you're in the New York area I urge you to visit my friends over at Bare Fruit Sugaring & Brow StudioI promise you'll love them as much as I do. You can trust me when I tell you that after my experiences with sugaring I will never pick up another razor or submit myself to getting waxed the 'traditional' way ever again!
P.S. Aside from sugaring, they offer amazing brow and lash services (which I'm totally going to get next time)! Make sure to check out their Instagram and website for full services and amazing before and afters!
[Took a quick peek while Shari was working her brow magic!]