Week Recap: Tiny Human Edition

Boy am I glad this week is finally over! Just a little recap on probably the most emotionally draining week I’ve had in a really long time. My tiny human began pre-school, dance classes and fractured her little elbow all in one week.
OMG, I know right?! We were all super excited that Cami was finally starting school, especially her. She’s been waiting all summer to dive in to her big girl activities! So when she cried at drop off on the first day it was super surprising to her father and me. Camila has always been very independent, and we totally thought she was going to be one of those savage kids who would just wave bye and walk in but unfortunately she did the complete opposite.
What’s more, I cried along with her cause I realized that my baby wasn’t a baby anymore #mommyproblems. She also began dance classes, she didn’t cry for this one! She was super happy and excited to meet her dance teacher who happens to have my same name and she had a blast!
On another note, this weekend Camila had a scooter related accident and ended up fracturing her elbow. It was honestly the scariest experience I’ve ever lived through! Camila is tough, she’s like a little monkey always climbing things and jumping around so when she falls she just knows to brush herself off and keep playing. This fall was different, I'll admit that at first I thought she was joking around, but when she couldn't move her arm I knew something was wrong.
I rushed her to the ER, and they had us wait over THREE hours for a doctor to see her! It was so infuriating... Here I had a three-year-old in pain crying and whimpering and they didn’t move a muscle to rush her in. When they finally did, they needed some x-rays, we had a choice of sedating her but her father and I both decided against it since she is so little.
Like a boss, Camila toughed it out and let them take all the pictures and even splint her without a drop of painkillers. I was so proud of her, I know adults who need drugs just to calm their nerves and this little champ toughed it out like a little #bosstoddler. I think that this night I cried half of my water weight. I’m very good with blood and injuries just not on my kid, I am so glad her dad was right there with us. He is so much better in these types of situations than me, he was with her through the x-rays and the splinting.

Overall this week has been an emotional roller coaster with the tiny human, but she’s doing really good. Today we went to a local fair and then came home to watch some movies and play board games. She’s back at playing around, like any three-year-old. I think I’m more concerned with her arm than she is but that’s just a mommy thing!