#TheFrankEffect with Frank Body Scrub

#Let’sBeFrank babes, there’s no better feeling than that clean just out the shower feeling am I right? What if I told you it could get better… much better but first you have to get a little dirty with Frank Body Scrub ;)
If you're a coffee lover like me, then get ready to love it just a little bit more. 
Frank Body is an Australian Company that has been taking Instagram by storm! You've probably come across the hashtag #thefrankeffect at some point, I know I did.
I'm going to be completely honest and tell you what really got me to purchase this scrub was their website. Cute, sassy websites always get me!

Anyways, why coffee?

I've been drinking coffee for most of my life, but I never thought of putting it on my skin (I could of been making millions with that idea — Frank you're a babe ). Apparently coffee isn't only good at waking you up, it's actually really good for your skin too.
How? Well natural coffee, like many "natural" things, is full of antioxidants that are really good for you so it helps with giving your skin that extra boost you get from drinking it plus it helps smoothe over lumps and bumps with its amazing exfoliating powers. Best of all it balanced skin pH, so like any real good man it doesn't leave you dry...or oily (ha, see what I did there)


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