Visiting The Bronx Zoo!

I can’t believe we’re already more than half way through August, this summer has gone by so fast and I’m so sad that it’s almost over! Between weekends and my days off, the rugrat and I have been trying to enjoy every last bit of summer before she starts school for the very first time!
Today we went to The Bronx Zoo, if you know me then you already know that I am super pro animals and against places where they are harmed and used — if you didn’t then now you do! For instance I would never visit sea world or a circus. So visiting a zoo, I had my preservations but I really loved how The Bronx Zoo has become an animal awareness sanctuary. We watched as animals fed, played and rested.  We also learned so much about where animals came from and how and what we could do to preserve as many in the wild as possible! 
 Our favorite stops were, Tiger Mountain, The Congo, the farm animals stop where we could feed the goats, and the butterfly preserve.
If you’re ever in New York, The Bronx Zoo is a definite must see!
My favorite was definitely the butterflies! They are truly the prettiest of bugs, we saw how they fed from plants and these little sponges. It was amazing to see so many of them in one place!
IMG_3379-1IMG_3388-1Camila loved Tiger Mountain, we stayed about an hour watching the Tiger sleep and learning about these majestic creatures. It was so sad to find out that these animals have been hunted to the point were there are only about 5000 left in the whole world :( We ask you to please never purchase products that are made out of tiger bones, because apparently that's a "thing" *angry emoji*
IMG_3322-1We had so much fun and after a long day at the zoo, Camila and Sebastian took home Coco the snake home!

 Thank you Bronx Zoo for the memories!