Life Update: Senior Year

Oh man! My summer is officially over… Today was the first day of my senior year in college and it felt so surreal. I can see the finish line and I couldn’t be any more excited — it’s been a rough couple of years but I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere in my life. 
This summer has been one hell of a roller coaster but I am so ready to let go, turn the page and let life happen. I am so happy to be starting this new chapter and I will try my best to enjoy and take advantage of my last year as an undergrad! I would really love to see myself grow and improve scholastically and personally so here are some of my senior year goals:
    • Work hard, study harder.

    • Eliminate academic procrastination.

    • Keep an open mind (life in general)

    • Meet new people.

    • Pack lunches and eat healthier — we all know how bad college food is!

    • Keep myself motivated in the next couple of months.

  • Walk on graduation day.

What are some of your scholastic//life goals?


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