How to: Clean Makeup Brushes

So you’ve learned how to contour, bake and blend like a pro. But did you know you that cleaning your makeup brushes should be an essential part of your makeup routine? Dirt, oils and bacteria left on your makeup brushes after application can cause clogged pores and pesky breakouts!
I’m the first to admit to being that lazy girl who would prefer to buy new makeup brushes then to clean the ones I already but lord knows I don’t have that capital. Today I want to share with you my quick and simple routine to keep my makeup tools at their very best for when it’s #slaytime!
I’ve seen all types of videos and crazy blog posts on how and what you should use to clean and disinfect your makeup brushes, from alcohol, to shampoo’s even olive and coconut oils – but girl I just don’t have the time or patience to sit there and make a special blend. 
About a year ago I switched from a gentle body wash to the Blender Cleanser Solid and I’ve never looked back. Not only is it travel friendly, but it does and exceptional job at cleaning my brushes and sponges. Now for the ultimate combo, I began using this amazing beauty gadget called the PalMat from Sigma’s sister company Practk and it’s only $9.95 on their website! It’s the ultimate cleaning gadget, it doubles as a sink mat but you can also use it on your palm. Together these two are my power cleaning combo! Check out the results and the video on how simple it is to use!