Bonvivant #RainbowMasking

*This post is in collaboration with Memebox*
Damnnnn Nicky, back at it again with the face masks! Yassss girl.
Summer is the season to kick my makeup to the curb (just for summer though!). I enjoy getting my healthy dose of vitamin D while slumming it poolside and the need for makeup is almost obsolete. This is the time when I really get to take care of my skin and let it breath for the cold months ahead.
One of my favorite ways of caring for my skin is using face masks, as I’ve clearly mentioned before! Memebox was generous enough to send me their newest Bonvivant Clay Masks to put to the test and I have to say that for the month I’ve been using them they are pretty damn great!
If you haven’t heard of #RainbowMasking, where the heck have you been because it’s now a thing and trust me you’ll love it! The concept is simple, target problem areas with specific masks. Your skin faces a lot of damage with climate changes, makeup and pollution so it doesn’t always behave the way you want it to. Some people have really red, dry and flakey skin others have some much oil that they could literally make empanadas on their face and then there's people like me who were cursed with both or “combination” skin.
Bonvivant formulated 3 amazing masks that target each specific problem:
1.    (Pink Box) Bonvivant Mellow Clay Mask Hawaiian Pink Calamine, formulated to relieve red, dry and flakey skin.
2.    (Blue Box) Bonvivant Mellow Clay Mask Mint Tea Tree, formulated to target oily skin, remove dead skin cells and minimize pores.
3.    (Gray Box) Bonvivant Mellow Clay Mask Jeju Volcanic, formulated to pull out deep seated dirt, debris and oils – the best for black heads!
In the beginning I was definitely not thrilled at the concept of having to put on three different masks at the same time but it honestly wasn’t a big deal at all. For testing purposes I used the masks every 4-5 days for a month and left them on for about 15 minutes, while I sipped my wine haha. I gently rinsed my face with lukewarm water and ta-da all done!

As you can see I've really been enjoying my results, my skin has been feeling pretty amazing this past month. I love the concept of targeting specific areas instead of forcing your whole skin with one product. My favorite by far though has been the Jeju mask, it takes care of my black heads like no other #YouBae! Over all, great products definitely check them out if you want to keep your skin in check!