Million Dollar Tan Mermaid Mousse Extreme Review

*These products were received in affiliation with Million Dollar Tan for testing purposes, as always all opinions are my own*

Who doesn’t love a beautiful golden bronze?! What if I told you that you can have beautifully tan skin all year long without the hassle of laying out for hours or the harmfulness of getting tan in artificial tanning beds?

The amazing people over at Million Dollar Tan were kind enough to send me their Mermaid Mousse Extreme for Body and Face Package to put to the test and it’s quickly become my obsession!

I love me some good ‘ol sun as much as the next person, but in recent years I’ve definitely found myself being a little more careful about that time I spend laying out in the sun because of its harmfulness and cancer-causing qualities.

I really fell in love with the Mermaid Mousse, I believe that it’s their bestselling sunless tanning at the moment and with good reason because it’s amazing!

The kit I received came with two bottles, one is the Mermaid Mousse Extreme for the body and the other is the Mermaid Mousse Extreme for the face. The kit also included both the face and body gloves to evenly distribute the product across the skin and also a Dry-Oil Boost for an extra oomph!

Using the mousses is super easy! The best time is right before bed, since the product needs 8-10 hours to develop.

First things first, exfoliate your body and shave all unwanted hair. 

Next, choose your mousse (body or face) and work it onto your skin with the gloves.
(I found that 1 pump of the face mousse was more than enough. 1-2 pumps of the body mousse was good for each leg. 2-3 pumps was good for the torso and finally 1 pump was good for each arm.)

Finally, go to sleep and wake up with beautiful tan luxurious skin that lasts anywhere from 7-10 days! 
TIP: Moisturizing your skin is super important to keep your tan longer so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

 This product is pretty amazing, I was super impressed with my results the next day and I’ve been receiving compliments left and right which is super nice! It’s definitely unlike any other self-tanning products I’ve used before. It doesn’t leave me feeling sticky and best of all it doesn’t stain your sheets-which, to be honest, I was so worried since I have a white duvet. The product does have a slight scent, but for me, it was actually pleasant so rock on Million Dollar Tan People!

Self-tanning has never been this easy for me and I do highly recommend it to everyone! Like always, I snagged a pretty little 20% off coupon code for my internet friends! Make sure to check out their website for other products and use 

coupon code: vivalanicky at check out!


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