Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Review!

If you can’t already tell, I am digging the whole Korean beauty line offered over at Memebox! This week I tested the Carbonated Clay Mask from Elizabecca Milky Piggy and it was definitely different than any other mask I’ve ever tried! Best of all, I got it all on video so make sure you watch it and give it a thumbs up!
I received this product through a family member (not affiliated with Memebox), she knows how much I love testing out beauty products and she’s been obsessing with the Memebox forever, and decided to get me a jug of this magic!
At first glance, I was super skeptical about putting anything that was bubbling on my face… especially since the instructions were in a completely different language but of course I used that handy-dandy Internet and voila I learned that the mask was loved by many and I was intrigued!
According to the Memebox website, this clay mask is the mother of all masks and supposed to be good for all skin types. The products has many beneficial key ingredients like green tea extract, aloe vera extract, charcoal powder among many others! It claims that it unclogs and purifies pores while exfoliating dead skin cells. I put it to the test on my super stressed out face!
Applying it is super easy, all you have to do is use the small spatula to spread the product on your face. You leave it on for 5 minutes and then with wet hands you gently massage for a minute and then rinse off with luke-warm water.

My opinion:

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this face mask, and the whole bubbling idea had me a little worried but I actually really liked and enjoyed using this product. My skin was super soft and smooth even after hours after testing it out. I felt that my pores were cleaned out, especially on my trouble areas like my T-Zone. Two thumbs up! Make sure to check out my little video and visit their website, the Carbonated Clay Mask is on sale for $11!


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