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*This post is in collaboration with Rocksbox*

When I got into this whole blogging community I never in a million years pictured myself working with brands and companies.  I am so grateful to all of you guys for making it happen because honestly without you I wouldn't be able to do what I do, so thank you! 
This time, I was reached out by a company named RocksBox! You might have seen them on Instagram or Facebook, they’re kind of a big deal! And like always I worked out an amazing deal for you, my internet family.
Do you love designer jewelry as much as I do but just can’t seem to afford it all?! Are you getting green lines around your fingers, wrists and neck from the jewelry you purchase at clothing stores? If you answered yes to any of these question then let me tell you about Rocksbox.
Rocksbox is a designer jewelry monthly subscription box delivered right to your door for only $19/mo. How insane is that?! You know I’m always real with you guys so here is the “catch”. $19 dollars won’t ever buy you three to four pieces of designer jewelry anywhere so how is this possible? Well here is how this company works:
First, you create an account with Rocksbox just like you would for Ipsy or Birchbox and you fill out a questionnaire about the type of jewelry you love or would like to try. A person in Rocksbox reviews your picks and sends you pieces accordingly. The pieces are delivered to your door and you get to use them for the month’s duration. Inside the box they send you a return slip so when the month is up you send the pieces back and they send you another box with other choices.
So basically you rent out new designer jewelry every month! You obviously have the option to keep the pieces! Every box comes equipped with a little card listing the price of every item and you can decide to keep the pieces you want! You just keep the item and return the rest, once they receive the box they just charge the item to your account.
At first this was a little weird, you know the whole renting and returning thing but honestly I think this is so cool and modern. I hate having too much jewelry, I hate when necklaces and bracelets get tangled and when I loose earrings so using stuff for a month, sending it back and receiving new pieces fits my needs and personality so well!   
Last month I received three pieces, one of which was something I favorited in the website and I received a cute little note from Molly, my personal jewelry picking person! These were the items:

1.    LUV AJ – a cute studded ring
2.    Sophie Harper Necklace (what I had favorited) A double triangle long statement necklace.
3.    Slate – Screw earrings in silver, so cute!

Like anything, you have to take good care of the jewelry. The company sends you instructions and pretty black holding bags to place the items when they aren’t being used. If you somehow damage a piece then of course the company has the right to charge you for it so make sure to take special care!
I loved all my pieces and I actually kept the Sophie Harper Necklace, I can’t wait to get my hands on my next box!
Now for my amazing snag! I was able to get every single one of you your first box for FREE! That’s right F-R-E-E , free. I know some of you guys might be skeptical about this whole rent and send thing so I would encourage you to test out the first box, see how amazing the quality of the jewelry is and if its still not for you then that's okay at least you tried! But I'm sure you will love it as much as I do!
USE CODE: vivalanickyxoxo
For your first totally free box and share with your friends!


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