The Ultimate Guide for Loop Giveaways!

Feliz martes chicas!
Today I’m bringing you the ultimate guide on how to conduct your very own SUCCESSFUL loop giveaway on Instagram!
What is a loop giveaway?
A contest hosted by a group of Instagrammers to increase their following and to reach a new wave of audience!
How does it work?
There is always a main host, the one who gathers the troops (usually through e-mails), gathers the money, buys the prize, prepares the graphic + caption, and sets the giveaway day!
Why do this?
Loops are great way to expand your following and also to create new friendships with other people in your Instagram community!
Buy-in fee’s range depending on the prize and how many sponsors are in the loop. Make sure you do the math, including tax, shipping and handling!
Be fair in your prices, I charged $20 per sponsor in my first loop and it was a total success!
USE PAYPAL (Friends + Family) to receive the payments and also to purchase the gift.
Gift something you would like to win. This is what’s going to attract people to enter the contest! I’ve seen some pretty awesome and extravagant prizes before like Macbook’s and Tablets which is really cool. Of course you don’t have to do something this pricey but make sure it’s something that will be an eye grabber :)
Contacting potential co-hosts:
The most important part of this whole thing is gathering your troops. You want to carefully select the people who will sponsor the loop with you, this is a reflection of yourself and your Instagram. Choose people who share the same interests as you, this way it’s more likely the new followers will continue to follow after the giveaway ends!
Tip: Create a sign-up sheet on good docs so you have a concrete list of people, include: name, email, Instagram handle and follower count.
*Because I love you all so much, I created an e-mail cheat sheet for contacting potential sponsors, you can download the file free of charge at the end of this post!*
Must Do’s:
Collect all the money you need, this might be an obvious point but make sure before you do anything, you have all the money you need – trust me you don’t want to end up adding more money than you have to as the host.
Unfortunately, you might have to go hunting people down to get payments but that’s okay sometimes people have busy schedules and just need an extra reminder!
Tip: Create an Instagram DM group message with all the sponsors for easy chat access, this way everyone can chat and also it’s a great way to send reminders for the loop!
I hope this was a little helpful and good luck to anyone venturing in hosting a loop giveaway!
P.S: Make sure to download the file for more insight!