Remember how we thought we skipped winter this year? Well mother nature said NOPE, HERE'S 30 inches of snow. The blizzard in New York got so bad this weekend that the mayor actually made it punishable to drive during it, like literally get points taken off your license if you were caught driving past 2:30P.M!
Getting snowed in this weekend was probably the best thing that could of happened to VLN! For a while now I've been debating on switching over to a self-hosted site like wordpress or square space, but after epically failing I have decided that blogger is where it's at for me! It's simple, to the point and if you learn a little coding you can create amazing things.
If you couldn't already tell, Viva La Nicky got a whole lotta new going on! New template, new design, and a couple of new add-on's; though the site is still under works I am so happy with how it's coming along! 
Here are some deets on the new + improved VLN ⤵
I've always been a fan of simple + mobile responsive templates. My ultimate favorite place too look for them is etsy! Etsy has amazing web-designers who create stunning work and are usually super helpful if you come across any trouble with their work. 
Personally, I usually always go for a black and white template, I just love how chick + fancy the black makes it look! I'm not a huge fan of colorful templates, this time though, I decided to go with an all white template but I added pops of pink with my header + widgets. I guess having a little girl (who loves pink) changes a woman, huh. 
I also love how user friendly this template is, especially on a mobile device. I think that as a blogger you should always make sure that you have a template that is mobile responsive so everything is legible and people don't have to squint and zoom in on their phones. Think about it, who carries a computer with them all the time? (Web-designer's sit down.)
I made it super easy for reader's to get in contact with me and also share my content on social media, this one was a little bit of a hassle because there was some serious coding and widgeting going on but alas now you can share + pin everything from this site!
Also, I finally added an option to subscribe to a mailing list where you will receive exclusive content, special promotional codes + some blogging freebies I'm working on! You'll also be the first to know about giveaways and contests hosted on VLN, #nbd. AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT SPAM MAIL, I will not spam you every single day! You'll receive one or two e-mails a month depending on the sites content plus you can always unsubscribe if it isn't for you!