Vera Mona: Color Switch First Impression

Good afternoon beauties, well depending where in the world you find yourself. Today I have a first impression post/video on a really awesome product called the Color Switch by the company Vera Mona. 

Vera Mona is definitely an on-the-rise company and it's taking the beauty world by storm. I was super honored to receieve a goodie package for review and I couldn't open the box fast enough, seriously I chipped a nail! 

So in my goodie package there were three items, the Solo Color Switch, a Color Switch Refill and a beautiful and super soft Double-Ended shader Brush. 
Because I have absolitely no  self-control, I used the brush before I began filiming... but as far as brushes go this double-ended brush is amazing. It has a small shading brush on one end and large shading brush on the other, and the bristles are soft and perfect for picking up color. Two thumbs-up! 

Now, I know you're dying to hear all about the actual color switch! I filmed the actual first impression of the  product and I was beyond myself at how easy it was! You can watch the video here.

The ideology behind the color switch is exactly that, using the same brush for different colors without mixing them. If you're a beauty fanatic like myself you know that behind the scenes of the amazing eye looks we create there are about 25+ brushes. Okay... maybe not THAT many but at least 4 or 5. By using the color switch to clean brushes on the spot you can kick that number down to 2 or even 1 if you're a beauty expert who can make a single brush work. Think about it, how much do good makeup brushes cost? Anywhere form $16 to $30/$40 depending on where you buy. Imagine not having to use or buy all those extra brushes! How amazing is that?!

Personally, the worst part about makeup is going through the tedious process of washing a drying eye brushes to create new looks. How annoying is that? Well with the color switch you don't have to wash your brush to get the color off, all you have to do is rub the brush against the color switch and like magic the color is off. Cleaning on spot has never been this easy! If you're a proffesional makeup artist this product is a must have, and if you're not but love creating masterpieces on your eyes then it's a must have for you too!

*I do, highly, recommend actually washing and disinfecting your brushes atleast once a week though so don't completely skip that step!* 

The best part about the Color Switch is that it's super affordable and open for anyone to buy!

The Solo with the Refill retails for $20.99 and the double ended shader brush reatils for $9.99.

Please hold, prepare to love me... I was able to snatch a coupon code for my amazing reader's and viewers! If you decide to give this company a try use the CODE: beautylovers at checkout to receive 20% off your entire purchase!

In an age where makeup is such a big part of our society, how did no one think of this before Vera Mona?! My props to the creator, you my friend are amazing thank you for the amazing opportunity!

Disclaimer: The Color Switch by Vera Mona was sent for review.