Camila Turns Three!

Three years ago I met my daughter for the first time and from the moment I looked into her big brown eyes I fell in love with her sparkle. She is the purest part of me, because of her I know what real, true and untainted love feels like. I was 17 when my then boyfriend, now husband, found out we were expecting. I always knew I wanted to be a mom "someday",  I just never knew someday would come as fast as it did. I can still picture Diego' reaction, he was so happy and just like that all my doubts and fears evaporated. Soon we would have a little person that was half him and half me running around.
The hardest part of the beginning of Camila's life in my tummy was telling my parents. You see, my family is hardcore Ecuadorian. We believe in strict values, like moving out when we're married and having children inside stable Catholic marriages and of course at 17 I didn't have any of that. Thinking back at how I executed the task of telling my parents actually makes me laugh a little now. First, I told the closest thing I have to a sister... my aunt who then told her husband and my grandmother. All three of them accompanied me, for "moral support," to tell my parents. My dad threw a pillow at me and my mom didn't speak to me a week, I knew I had fu*ked up of a deeper level. But of course as families go, today everything is okay. My parent's adore my daughter, I'm married to the love of my life and we're both working hard to finish school and take care of our home.

Today I want to wish my beautiful daughter a happy and healthy third birthday!

Monday through Saturday I wake up early, no exceptions. Sunday's are usually my rest days, where I wake up at 10 or 11 but not today! Today, I woke up at six in the morning to bake my daughter's favorite strawberry cupcakes. I am super proud of myself because I hand decorated these bad boys without an artistic bone in my body, ha!

This year we decided to try and hand-make as much stuff as we could... and when I say we I mean Diego, my super artistic husband. He stayed up all night re-creating this cardboard back rest which of course was Camila's throne throughout the whole party. He also decorated the goodie bags from recycled paper bags we had sitting around at home. I think he did an amazing job!

|All the stuff we didn't hand-make were purchased from Target, Walmart and the Dollar Tree|

We all had a great time, especially the birthday girl who enjoyed playing with her uncle, aunt and a couple of her friends! Clean up was fairly easy, and now the big girl is super happy she is finally three!
Happy tiny human, happy life!